Ok, so you didn’t pay attention in class and you’re now sitting in a JS exam with nothing to say for yourself – you’re an idiot. I shouldn’t but I’m going to help you because I’m in the business of helping idiots.

Here is a reliable method to help even the worst students get through a JS exam (I really hope I don’t regret sharing this with you)

Boys and girls, I give you (drumroll) … J-ROLL.

What is J-ROLL?

J-ROLL is an acronym and stands for the following:

J – Jewish Identity

R – Relationship with Hashem

O – Outlook on world events

L – Lifestyle

L – Life choices

How does it work?

I have identified these as being key areas that Jewish life relates to. Basically, take any topic and ask the following questions:

How does (insert topic here) affect a person’s Jewish identity?
How does (insert topic here) affect a person’s relationship with Hashem?
How does (insert topic here) affect a person’s outlook on world events?
How does (insert topic here) affect a person’s lifestyle?
How does (insert topic here) affect a person’s life choices that he/she makes?

I taught this to my year 10 class last week and challenged them to fire any topic at me. I then randomly applied the topic to one of the questions:


Wearing Tzitzit will strengthen a Jew’s identity, as he will have a constant recognisable reminder on his body about his religious practice.


Keeping Kosher will positively affect a Jew’s relationship with his creator as keeping Mitzvot are designed to bring someone closer to Hashem

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