Describe the main features of Orthodox Jewish dress

Describe the main features of Orthodox Jewish dress (4 marks)

A simple A01 question that really only requires basic technical knowledge of the Jewish Orthodox dress code.

It is important not to get confused with traditional Orthodox dress i.e. black hats etc. that are CUSTOMS as opposed to actual Jewish Law.

Here are the major points I would use in answering this question:

• Women are required to cover certain parts of their body. Skirts must be below the knee; tops should not be low cut and sleeves below the elbows.
• Clothing should also not be designed to reveal the full extent of the female figure even if it falls within the boundaries listed above.
• Men should also wear modest clothing that is respectful and smart.
• Men wear kippot on their heads at all times, married women are required to cover their heads as well.
• For both sexes, clothing that contains a mixture of wool and linen (Sha’atnez) cannot be worn.

Samples answer:

Jewish Orthodox dress code requires that women dress modestly and do not draw attention to their bodies. Accordingly, skirts should reach below the knees and tops should cover beyond the elbows and not be low cut. Married women should cover their hair. Men should also dress modestly and respectfully, which also includes having their head covered at all times. Clothing containing Sha’atnez (a mixture of wool and linen) cannot be worn.

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